Best Practices to upgrade from oracle R12 EBS to Oracle cloud



  • Assess and plan: Assess your current environment and infrastructure, identify the components that will move to the cloud, and plan the migration.
  • Data migration: Carefully plan and execute data migration to minimize downtime and ensure data consistency.
  • Re-architecture: Evaluate the existing architecture and determine if any changes are needed to optimize for the cloud.
  • Security and compliance: Ensure that your cloud environment is secure and complies with any relevant regulations.
  • Testing: Thoroughly test the cloud environment to catch any potential issues before going live.
  • Training: Provide training for your staff to ensure they are familiar with the new environment.
  • Monitoring and support: Monitor the performance of the cloud environment and ensure that you have a support plan in place.
  • Continuously optimize: Regularly review and optimize the cloud environment to ensure it continues to meet your needs.